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Learn Motorsports

Support Individually

Our philosophy is to introduce every motorsports enthusiasts safely into race car driving and support their skills individually. Whether you are a beginner or experienced driver, our groups are composed by your performance, so no one feels subchallenged or overcharged.

Learn from professionals

Our trainings are designed and performed from instructors with years of experience. As an Academy we are concerned about the gradual increase in performance by professional knowledge transfer in theory and practice. With us, you learn from from professionals who are veterans in motor sports. With heart and soul, they share their huge knowledge and enormous experience with our participants.

Acquire the german race driver license

As one of the few organisations certified by the German Motor Sport Association (DMSB), the Motorsport Akademie performs special driver trainings with theoretical and practical exams for the german race driver license. This license will allows you to take part in national races like VLN or RCN. Our director Christopher Bartz also trains as docent for the DMSB future license instructors.

Improve your skills with safety

Driving fun and safety belong together. We choose our tracks by the highest standards and fit every excercise to the respective track conditions. Especially when driving at the limit, a track area with enough run-off areas is of high importance. Of course we arrange our trainings by the high standards of the German Motor Sports Association DMSB.