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Training and Trackwalk DMSB Permit Nordschleife Grade C en

The Motorsport Akademie runs by order of the RCN Series a trackwalk at 15 October 2016 according to DMSB Permit Nordschleife Grade C rules for drivers who wants to enter RCN Race Schwedenkreuz . This Trackwalk is also valid for driver who comply to the rules of the Grade B Permit (3 RCN races within 75% of their class) and now needs the trackwalk to apply for the permit B to participate in VLN. The training starts with theory session (1.5 Hours) about RCN / Youngtimer / FHR rules at Nordschleifen races, and is followed by a coach trip (Trackwalk) with instructors. The trip takes at least 1 hour and is guided by experienced instructors who gives helpful hints about line, special information about nordschleifen condidtions and facts regarding safety zones. On stops, the track is discoverd by feet. Date 15 October 2016 Time 5 pm to 8 pm Price 50 EUR Registration only via RCN Homepage - follow the link