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UPDATE 2024 - Q&A and dates Nordschleifen License DMSB Permit Nordschleife DPN


12.04.2024 (Friday before ADAC Nuerburgring 24h Qualifiers)
29.05.2024 (Wednesday before ADAC Ravenol 24h Nuerburgring)
21.06.2024 (Friday before NLS3)

KEY FACTS changes 2024
Permit M only for brand cup with age of 16
2 races results for upgrading from Grade B to A

What is the "Nordschleifen License"

The new "Nordschleife License" (correct name DMSB Permit Nordschleife) is an additional race permit which is mandatory for participation in racing events on the Nordschleife. The aim is to improve the safety of racing events, by ensuring that a minimum of experience on the Nordschleife is present about regulations, behavior on the track and the ideal line. The license can be obtained either by participation in racing events or through a course - for dates follow the link:

Who needs the Permit

All races on the Nordschleife (NLS, NES, VLN, ADAC 24h / 24h Qualifier, RCN Race Schwedenkreuz, Youngtimer/FHR). RCN runs (called "Leistungspruefung")  don't need the permit, altough it's highly recommend that they should go through this training voluntarily.

Are there different levels

Grade C: Only for RCN Race "Schwedenkreuz" and Youngtimer / FHR

Grade B: NLS / NES / VLN, 24h Qualifier / 24h Race in "small" cars like V2 - V5, H1, H2, BMW M240i Cup

Note - to take part in 24h Race with permit B, you need also two result of NLS runs within the last two years.

Grade A: NLS / NES / VLN, 24h Qualifier / 24h Race in "big" cars like GT3, GT4, SP10, Porsche Cup.

Grade M (brand cup): New permit class only for exclusive brand cup races on the nordschleife

How do I apply for a permit

go to

After fill out the apply form, you were guided to the DMSB online Learning System. EVERY driver has to do an online quiz about special nordschleife race regulations.

Find tutorial for apply procedure via this link:

How much is the Permit

Grade A 97 EUR, Grade B 64 EUR, Grade C 33 EUR

How do I get the Permit C

via participation in 2 RCN Runs (Leistungspruefung) or via 1 RCN run (Leistungspruefung) and 3 RCN constant run (Gleichmaessigkeitspruefung) since 01.01.2021 or with a "short training" by the race organizers (theory seminar and trackwalk).

Note for RCN Race Schwedenkreuz: As a rookie you can't participate only with the "short training", you need also one race result from RCN Leistungspruefung / FHR / Youngtimer  on the Nordschleife beside the "short training" (theory seminar and trackwalk).

How do I get the Permit B as a rookie

This depends on your drivers license grade

national A: Qualification is only via participation in 3 RCN Runs ("Leistungspruefung") since 01.01.2021

international Race license Grade D (ITD-C) or higher: By participating in a driver training "DMSB Permit Nordschleife" Link to training dates or also by 1 RCN run "Leistungspruefung" alone or two RCN runs "Leistungspruefung" if you share the car.

How do I get Permit A

There is no direct way to Permit A, you receive it only by race experience from NLS / NES / VLN / 24h qualifier /24h race in Grade B cars.

  • two results since 01.01.2021 with no penalty
  • 20% of driving time each race
  • at least 14 Race laps in total

How do I get the Permit MBy a training from the manufacturer, not specified right now. This new permit is only for exclusive brand cup races on the nordschleife, also possible for younger driver (at least 16 years old) but with strict rules for the event
- only for unique cars in exclusive races (not as part of other events like NES / NLS / 24 Race
- supported by manufacturer
- race distance maximum 45 minutes

I raced sucessfully in NLS, but my treammate crashes our car after my stint! Is this result also valid for the upgrade to Permit A

In this case, a committe of VLN, 24h Race and DMSB representants decides after strict (and complicated) criteria about exemption.

I already raced VLN and 24h before the permit was launched - do I need the training

As these results are years away, there are no exemptions. You have to hit the conditions as described above like evryone else.

How should I prove my race results

Don't call the DMSB and tell them "You have to know me!". Look at the VLN or 24h Homepage at the History and you will find a season review for the last years. Print out your class results (not total result) and send this with your apply form to the DMSB.

How long is the permit valid

Grade C and B: Once applied, the Permit is valid unlimited. So you can have a break for a year ore more and after that apply again for the Grade B Permit.

Grade A: If you didn't apply for the Permit A within the last five years, you will be downgraded to Permit B.

Can the Permit be withdrawn

Yes, if a driver violates against the rules (like speeding under yellow flag) the Permit may temporarily withdrawn.

Who offers the trainings

The organizer has to be certified by the DMSB and follow the implementing rules for DMSB Permit Nordschleife driver trainings. Also the instructors are certified officials with lot of Nordschleifen Race exeperience. As one of the first providers, the Motorsport Akademie has these certification and offers the trainings.

What is the content of this driver training

The contents are determined by the DMSB in the implementing rules, each training begins with a detailed theory about special rules and flag signals at Nordschleifen races, followed by at least 4 hours of training on the Nordschleife for the line as well as simulations for yellow flag situations or intervention car exercises.

Do I need a car for the driver training to participate

Definetly, as you will do at least 16 laps on the nordschleife. Depending on the training, in some only street legal cars are allowed, in some also race cars.

What cars are suitable

Any car which fits depending on brakes, weight and suspension and will last 16 or more laps on the nordschleife. Power to weight ration better than 9.6 PS per kg. Good choice is for example BMW 1 or 3 series, Golf, Astra, or comparable. SUV, Van, open wheel cars or soft top cabrio are not allowed.

Are there rental cars available

Normal rental companies like Avis, Sixt or whatever do not allow (and send spys to trainings like this!) the use on the Nordschleife, so be aware. Choose one of the local race car rentals like Rent4Ring (link), Jacos Padock (link) or racecarental (link) for excellent nordschleife prepared cars and special motorsport academy permit training offers.

Can I join the training voluntarily

Of course, this is highly recommended for race novices on the ring or even tourist drivers as you learn a lot about line and behaviour on track. But to enter the training a race driver license is mandatory just to avoid unexperienced drivers with no knowledge about racing.