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Safety First!

Competent and experienced instructors

Our training sessions are led by instructors with years of experience. Participants will be divided in groups, depending on their experience and type of vehicle. If you feel under-challenged during training, in consultation with the instructor, a change into a group with a higher level is possible. You can completely rely on the advice of your instructor: His experience makes it possible for him to realistically assess your performance.  

Step By Step To The Limit

Start with the section Guide and follow the instructor’s car.  Make yourself familiar with the track and it’s specialities in detail, while you receive helpful hints from your instructor via radio. Before and after each section of the training sessions your performance will be fully discussed and evaluated. Thus, everyone will be ideally challenged and can concentrate on his own driving style. Adapted to your level, we will guide you step by step to the limits that you set to yourself. 

Perfectly Adapted Tracks

The training grounds are selected according to the highest standards. We customize each exercise precisely on the track and determine the limit for each section adapted to the run-off areas.

Insurance Cover

Despite all precautions, everyone should be aware that in  motor-sports, there is always some basic risk. For this reason, we have all the required insurances (Organiser Liability, Participant Accident Insurance). Please note that your own vehicle is not insured by us. Because our trainings are not intended to achieve maximum speed, but to increase the driving safety, most of the car insurances may cover our trainings. Please contact your insurance company for details.